About Us

GRAND STAR, LTD is the owner of “Kubanochka” trade mark, well known in Russia, CIS countries and among Russian communities all over the Globe – from Japan to United States. “Kubanochka” has significant market share and is well known mainly for its quality. The vast majority of the goods is produced in our own factory in Russia, using local and imported raw material and ingredients. GRAND STAR, LTD acts as importer for more than 20 years, all our foreign trade activities are transparent and performed with the same entity acting as importer, the entity which is the owner of all assets and the trade mark

Quality products

All the products in “Kubanochka” brand product range are proud to have perfect quality, leaving in this aspect the most of the local and global competition behind. The company and the factory are managed by their owners/shareholders. Quality is our focus, our goal and our Guiding Star. We use only perfect flawless high quality raw material and ingredients, and environment friendly and safe packaging materials. In all technological processes we engage state-of-the art modern machinery with the automatic system of quality control. Our technologists are egghead experts having great experience, knowing all details of production technology, and our quality control officers are meticulous watchdogs strong as a rock to protect consumer from any flaw in the product

Wide product range

Since 1997 we actively develop our production facility and constantly work to enlarge our production range. New tastes, new packaging: we keep introducing absolutely new products to the market, pioneering fruits of our research and development. Our products are regular exhibition winners, we have dozens of prizes in our portfolio.

  • 1997
    Foundation of the company, the first product: bottled cold-pressed non-refined sunflower oil; Following years: expanding to other vegetable oils and installing state-of-the art refining and deodorizing system to offer refined/deodorized oils to the market
  • 2007
    Starting production of tomato paste, followed by tomato ketchups and sauces
  • 2010
    Staring production of sugar cubes, packed sugar, cereals, pulses and groats
  • 2017
    Starting massive production of canned vegetables
  • 2020
    Staring production of natural juices

Impeccable taste

Well balanced flawless components processed in a perfect way. This is a foundation that supports the excellent taste appreciated by both consumers and experts

Eye-catching bright

We put a lot of effort creating original design of our packaging. It makes us look different and our efforts are paid off by the appreciation of the consumers

Made in the South of Russia

The geographical location allows us to use fresh natural raw material grown locally in Krasnodar region of South of Russia. We also take advantage of the nearby sea port of Novorossiysk and the network of Russian railways to import preserved material when we find it appropriate/reasonable

Our awards

The quality of our products has been repeatedly confirmed by awards from international and Russian exhibitions:
World Food, Prodexpo, etc.

  • Лучший продукт
    Best product
  • Product of the Year
  • Лучший продукт
    Best product

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