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  • Tomato products

    This group of products is the one that we hold a significant market share nation-wide. Traditional recipes and quality guarantee rich taste and perfect color of our products. Purely natural tomatoes processed in the best way to preserve all their nutrition, and fine-tuned selection of tastes satisfy any gourmand, cook and food lover
  • Vegetable oils

    Sunflower and corn vegetable oils play an important role in food preparation. We offer a wide range of package sizes with unaltered characteristics – taste, odor and nutrition values. Regular award winners of various exhibitions
  • Canned vegetables

    Wide range of fantastic tastes – rest assured that you are getting a premium product made from the freshest vegetables grown in the rich Russian soil. The key factor to preserve the good natural taste of vegetables is the time “field-to-jar”. We use state-of-the-art processing machinery from the industry leaders to provide fast processing. The speed of production in our lines is as high as the Kalashnikov assault rifle – 600 units per minute in one processing line only, while have them several. We dedicate ourselves to the task of providing excellent food to consumers which they enjoy peacefully
  • Grocery products

    We offer a range of packaged grocery products. They are first carefully selected and tested for perfect quality, then packaged in a way that provides long shelf life in ambient conditions while maintaining their taste and nutritional value


  • 24.01.2022

    (Русский) "Гранд Стар" не принимает участия на выставке продуктов питания «ПРОДЭКСПО-2022»

  • 28.06.2021

    Our #barbecue and #Georgian sauces are now newly redesigned!

  • 28.06.2021

    Our products have again won honorary awards at the annual international exhibition "Prodexpo-2021"